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This site is devoted primarily to providing the most up to date information about the Portals of Tessalindria series from the author F. W. Faller.

Feel free to browse the Books Page  for more information about each book. Here you can access the latest on where the books can be found and brief introductions and overviews, as well as being able to read the first chapters of each book.

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Other articles and information about Immerland and the Portals of Tessalindria can be found in the Immerland Musings page.


F.W.Faller has other things to say than the stories from Tessalindria. He has included various other writings and thoughts on the Other Writings page.This page contains an eclectic addressing of issues germane to life centered on spiritual issues that many of us face.


The Parable Project is an effort to call other writers to write spiritutally center fiction as a way to change the world.