Devoted to the Portals of Tessalindria book series

A Sword for the Immerland King

The first book in the Portals of Tessalindria series

A different time ... A different place ,,, A familiar struggle

A king controlled by his hatred

A daughter searching for her place

A blacksmith with deep conviction

A mountain prince who yearns for peace

A sword that divides and unites

A decision that bring pain, yet heals hurts -

The forging of the Sword for the Immerland King.

All of Tessalindrian History will be affected by the making of this sword. Mah'Eladra and their messengers and prophets offer spiritual understanding and guidance that is beyond natural knowing ... and is unfolded on this journey into heart, soul, time and the infinite.

Immerland is a small country in the northern reaches of Lora, one of three continents on the world of Tessalindria. "A Sword for the immerland King" gives the first glimpse into this world from the outside with the story of the epic conflic between a king and blacksmith at odd's over the king's demand for a sword for his fiftieth birthday.

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