You take off into space, and somewhere on the far side of the Milky Way you find a planet, a bit smaller than earth, but similar and livable. There you find a civilization similar to ours, but different. As you walk among its people, you begin to understand their histories, their languages, and their spiritual thinking. 

The creator has a different name. Truth, honesty, love, grace, forgiveness, greed, selfishness, division ... are present, but the words for them are different and they are not perceived the same way. They had no Gengis Khan, Hitler, or Nero, but they have their own pantheon of villains. What do they call the personification of evil? There was no Ghandi, Moses, Zoroaster, Abraham, Buddha, Abraham Lincoln, Constantine or Luther, but there were leaders and spiritual giants among them throughout their history.

Sacrifice is held as a high virtue, and self-sacrifice is honored, but they do not have sheep - the idea of sacrificing a lamb is impossible to comprehend. Crucifixion as a means of torture and death was never invented. There was no tower of Babel, so they have a common language ...

There's religious division - a chaos of belief systems - each claiming to be right, but what would the true followers of the creator look like? How would they live? How would they think? How would they think about how they live? ...

Welcome to Tessalindria! A world where everything can be different, but the universal remains the same. The tales in the books in the Portals of Tessalindria Collection come from the rich history of this small world. Enter if you dare! Be ready to be challenged to think differently about things you think the same about all the time as you enjoy the stories.

The books in the Portals of Tessalandria Collection are full-length novels telling histories from this tiny world. Each is a story in its own right, related to, but not dependent on one another.


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