Devoted to the Portals of Tessalindria book series

Other Writings about Immerland and the Portals of Tessalindria

Below you will find links to other writings about the Portals of Tessalindria. Some of them obscure, some of them explanatory or exploratory, but perhaps of interest to those who like to delve beyond the boundaries of the books themselves:


The pursuit of Kirrin is a subconscious yearning of all Tessalindrians. It is at the core of all thinking, even for those who reject the notion outright, who are, in the midst of their rebellion, inescapably linked to the deep root of their psyche that yearns for Kirrin. Those who actively seek Kirrin and the way of the Kirrinath are called Kirrinists and the general way of thinking and training of the vorn in this way has come to be called Kirrinism.

This page and its links try to draw this understanding into the vision of those who are less familiar with Tessalindria and it denizens.

  • Kirrinism: its Roots and Practice gives us an overview of the concepts that underlie this most prevalent understanding of the Tessalindrian mind. It is a short but informative read and a place to start in understanding Kirrinism. I
  • The Kirrinath - was written by Mindar Colloden shortly before he passed through the portal from his time in Tessamandria. It represents, in a cogent and thoughtful way, the simple and paradoxical understanding of the Kirrinath and how it was perceived by those who new it best. Complete with illustrations of the Cirag and Danag tetrahedrons and how they combine to form the Kirrinath star, it is a delightful read for deep thinkers.
  • On the Vorn - written by Mortag of Horrinaine is one of the finest essays for understanding the Tessalindrian view of the vorn with it layers and complexity. Although not altogether foreign to those of earth, the conceptual depth is highly developed in the Tessalindrian view. The translation tries to capture that essence as well as possible, making room for those who do not come from the culture in which it was born.