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"I have something to say now ..."

There is a legend that I have not been able to confirm, about Albert Einstein. He was invited to a big dinner with lots of important people who paid to come and hear him speak. When it was time to do so, he stood at the podium and simply said, “I have nothing to say”, and sat down. It was a disaster, as one might expect. Three months later, he called the organizers of the event and said, “I have something to say now.”

For many years, I have resisted writing down a lot of things that I think, but often when people ask me what I think I do not have a ready answer. Many of answers I want to give are not simple: they require some background of understanding that cannot be easily traded in a conversation in the fellowship. Rather than risk misunderstanding about any of this, I have been collecting things I have written, that represent as precisely as I can, what I think.

... and now I have something to say...

It is important to accept that:

  • These are expressions of my thoughts and do not reflect any opinion but mine. It is not my intent that you have to believe like me - or think like me. But people frequently ask me what I think, and this forum is created so that I can point to something that is well thought out and deliberate when that happens.
  • I reserve the right to change my mind and amend what I say. Since each of the articles here is a living document, I can adjust them as I grow in understanding and as I change in my perspective. This will be done by simply using colored text - first red, then blue, then green. When you see colored text, you know that I have changed something. If its green, then its been changed at least 3 times. This means that if you quote me you may have to revise the quote to keep it accurate. If you want to point out something that I said to others, make sure you link directly to that document, because it may have changed since you last looked at it, especially if you challenged me on it and your challenge precipitates a change of some sort.
  • You are welcome to challenge what I have to say here. I will consider the challenge in the spirit of my desire to be the most accurate and the most responsible to what I believe to be true. I will make an effort for giving you credit for the challenge and the resulting change of thinking. I will not respond to threats, accusations, or an argumentative spirit. Just help me correct my path.

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