Mundane Things -

I do not mean boring or useless, but rather in the strictest sense, things of this world. Health, food, hobbies, peculiarities and fun things that I have learned that someone else may find of value, can be found in these links:

  • Headaches, Allergies and Quality of Life - musings on the self-discovery about managing my own demons related to food and health.
  • An Introduction of Pendulum Testing for Food Sensitivities - Yes, this is weird, but have an open mind. It may save your life, as it has mine, literally.
  • Basic Bread Making - I helped run a funky co-op bakery in Cambridge MA for two and a half years. I finally decided to express my experience in a basic writing about bread making.
  • Making Bagels - there are a lot of poorly made bagels out there. After reading a lot, listening a lot and messing around myself in the kitchen, here are my unauthoritative notes on making good bagels at home.
  • How to Scythe Mow A Suburban Lawn (Youtube video) - An interesting foray in to the world of old but incredibly functional tools. I discoverced scything several years back and produced this video to show its efficacy even in a suburban setting.

Something to Say ... 

The world is full of spiritual ideas and with it spiritual confusion. None of us are immune to the confusion and we find, if we are humble enough, that we are indeed contributors to it. God has left the responsbility for each of us to come to terms with that and this "Something to Say" page is devoted to that effort. Many people ask me what I think on various topics. Rather than try to expurge volumes of connected thinking in a conversation, I point them here.