This page is devoted to showcasing the characters in the various novels and stories from Tessalindria - Enjoy!

This is Hanniah, first introduced in A Sword for the Immerland King as the hermit herbalists who host the dinner to try to resolve the tensions between the Immerland King and the Mountain Prince. Throughout the series she reappears as a servant of Mah'Eladra, a peacemaker and facilitator of that that is good and right. The mystery of her apperance in all of the books exept one is explaind in the stories themselves

Rindar Colloden is one of the protagonist in Lonama's Map. On the left is a picture of him as he looked before he entered the portal to find himself on Islag and the journey of his life. On the left we see him a month into his journey without a razor.

Minxa Maharan is Rindar's best friend shown on the left when he fell through the portal with Rindar. On the right we see him after some time in Tessamandria crossing the Wastes, also without a razor.

Rasler, a tough, widerness-wise traveler who picks up Rindar and Minxa on Islag and helps them get settled into their new world.

Sereline is a tracker who was hired to follow Rindar and the map into the Narel Waste. When she is nearly killed by the Fist of Mah'Eladra, she is saved to team up with Rindar, Rasler and Minxa as they journey to the Crown of Tessalindria

The enigmatic Klaria is an Eladrim guardian who keeps his eye on the cave dwelling Piraste people. When he shows up it means that trouble is afoot in the Vanjar caves and he is there to pilot the people through.

The Piraste leader Dajaan provides guidance and direction to the Piraste people as they keep try to stay out of trouble evolving in Kinvara, just down the river from their home in the Vanjar Caves..

Erolin is one of the twins of Huravag who orchestrated the overthrow of Mankar in his grip on Tessamandria. After deposing Mankar, she sails to Farhantra on the east coast of Morlan to become a mentor to Mael from his birth until his sojourn to Terra.

Mael was born of a Vindorian galley slave and the aristocratic daughter of the commander of the Vorsian Fleet of Mooriman who was exiled to Farhantra in Morlan because of her marriage.