Personal Writing Bibliography - this list is something that I have collected over the years as I have studied and read about writing. The books do NOT reflect my personal spiritual values but are important works about how to write dynamic and compelling fiction. While I do not embrace the philosophy and worldviews of the writers, there is a lot to be learned from them about changing the world through fiction writing.


This page is somewhere for me to list interesting resources for author-like things.  Feel free to suggest any that you think might be helpful.

Where to find quality Christian fiction

H. Halverstadt Books is a wonderful website devoted to Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy. Heather is a writer and runs this website for reviewing books as well as offering links and articles of interest to those who read in this genre. A genre-catigorized list can be found in the footer of her pages. Be sure to check it out and sign up for her newsletter and blog for opportunities to win free books. 

Top 100 Christian Book Review Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2019 - A site that has a bit of everything for everyone in the world of Christian fiction.

 A simple search on Google for “Christian Fiction Reviews” will give you many places to start your search in any genre of writing which interests you. 

Online resources I am enjoying: 

This is a series of classes by Brandon Sanderson, teaching a one semester class on writing Science Fiction Fantasy writing at Brigham Young University. These are very well done and give a great, progressive overview of writing in this genre.

Creative Penn - Joanna Penn - resources for writers - many books, pages, blogs, podcasts on all aspects of writing books. It would be overwhelming if not taken a bit at a time, but it is divided up so that you can find details on individual topics of interest.